Introduction to Twitter

Twitter is a good tool to bring your reach outside of your initial sphere of influence. Look like an expert in your field of work and interact with fans.

When you think about most important social networks online, we are sure that you would put Twitter on the top. And it is there for a good reason, it allows people to interact with each other and to share live news.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users can post and interact with other users and exchange “tweets” and messages. Twitter actually means “a short burst of inconsequential information” and that is exactly what their product is. If you don’t have account you can only read tweets, but if you are registered then you can also post tweets. It became popular tool to share important things, events and happenings all around the world. In few seconds you can see what is popular, what people think about something or what is going on somewhere.

Twitter proved to be one of the biggest sources of breaking news and it is easiest way to find out about some political, economic and scientific breakthroughs.

How it all started

Twitter was created in 2006 in San Francisco. First ever tweet was sent in March of 2006 and by 2009 it became one of the most popular social networks. He rapidly gained worldwide popularity and grew a lot by number of users and by value. Twitter was known to have a lot of famous people that are active and they were expressing themselves. Twitter achieved 100 million users in 2012 and nowadays it has more than 320 million active users.


Company grew rapidly, from 400.000 tweets per quarter in 2007 to 100 million tweets per quarter in 2008. That was a huge growth and popularity which continued to grow by day. They peeked mostly during important events, some of them were about sport like World Cups or NBA finals while others were political and cultural. Few times it happened that servers crashed after too many users updated their tweets.

One of major changes happened in 2010 when company changed its interface. One of the most important changes was that people could see videos and pictures without leaving Twitter. Only by clicking on the link you could see content from other websites, like Youtube, and stay on their web page.

Nowadays Twitter is an interactive application available on many different devices. It became one of the most significant ways to interact with people, but also with customers as well.



As we mentioned before, Twitter skyrocketed as a social media and from his humble beginnings by 2012 it had 100 million users that posted 340 million tweets a day from 1.5 billion accounts. It also turned out to be big source of information with 1.6 billion searches per day. In 2013, it entered exclusive club of top ten most-visited web sites in the world. Now Twitter has more than 320 million active users with millions of tweets every hour.


There is no perfect social network and Twitter also has some disadvantages. Maybe biggest one is limited number of characters pre tweet. That limit is 140 so you need to be concisely with your posting and try to aim directly towards your targeted audience.

Even though Twitter recently made advertising a bit easier, it is still not efficient as advertising on Facebook. You can still get more traffic towards your products and services but it can be a bit limited.

With that big amount of tweets per day, it happens that people news feed is buried with tweets and informations, so it might be hard to place right information to them, that is why hashtags are important.


Twitter is also used by almost all important companies as a tool to approach customers and maintain relations with followers. Twitter proved to be one of best platforms for promotion and business. Almost every company has a Twitter account and is active in relations with its customers. Doing business on Twitter is important so you need to learn how to run and promote business on social media.

To conclude, Twitter is easy to use, everyone can tweet about anything, but only if you have good content presented in your tweet, people will notice you. If you invest some time before you post tweets, that can increase the reach of them and get more retweets and likes. 

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