How to use Twitter for business

Let your Tweeter account be a megaphone through which you promote and advertise yourself to the world. Increase your reach with better online visibility.

Besides news and happenings from all over the world, Twitter is also useful for online business. It can be a good tool to approach fans and to show your brand to the world audience everywhere. If you use it wisely you will be able to see results of your activity, to increase traffic and engage your audience. Because of so many active accounts, there is a huge chance that your target audience is out there and you just need a good way to approach them.


There are many benefits of using Twitter in online business and some of them are:

  • Better visibility - You can achieve high visibility if you promote yourself on Twitter, it became a must to have an active account in online business
  • Better conversion rate - It’s hard to say exact numbers, but it can help a lot towards increased conversion rate from your customers
  • Different content - Great way to introduce new content to your fans and to boost your content marketing
  • Increase traffic - If your Twitter posts are interesting and valuable to people online it can bring them on to your website even though you can’t always put clickable links to your every post
  • Free - You don’t have to pay to have an account and you can show your services or products to wide audience and get huge exposure
  • Followers engagement - Visual and video content is really good way to engage followers to be more active towards your brand. Active account with interesting content can get you high level of engagement from your audience
  • Trust and personality - Since you interact in informal way, people get the personal feel towards your business and it can create emotional bond with your audience

Marketing statistics

Twitter users in average follow around five businesses, while majority of them mentioned some brand in their Tweet. It is a well-known fact that people trust comments from other customers and reviews more than advertising.

Almost 80% of active users visit Twitter from their mobile phones. That brings us back to story about responsive design that we mentioned before in our blog about running and promoting business on social media. It is crucial to have responsive design, not only on your website but also when you create your content.

Three quarters of Twitter users say that they feel better about a brand when they reply to their tweet. Around 92% of all companies on Twitter post and share more than once a day.

Consumers feel friendly towards companies that respond to their tweets and queries, and most of them would recommend the brand with good and friendly service. Tweets that contain images have better respond than with just text. There are 90% more likes and 150% increase in retweets. That is one good examples of proper content marketing.

All of this shows how Twitter became powerful tool and important marketing channel and that there are a lot of benefits that you can use if you know how.


Tweet is simply a post or status on Twitter. You have only 140 characters to express yourself in it and it will be visible to your fans and to everyone from Twitter community. Your tweets should bring value to your followers and it can engage them to be more active towards your online business.

Tweet, tweet and always tweet

Be always active, regular tweeting is best way to stay visible to people. If someone looks at your Twitter account and they see that it is not active, they might think that you are no longer working. Or even much worst, they might consider that you are not so open towards your audience and customers or they will just forget about you. Create a healthy, active profile and maintain it on a daily basis.


If you find some interesting post, feel free to retweet it, so your followers will be able to see its content. If you retweet someone’s post they might retweet your post as well and it can bring benefit to both.

Good time for tweet

Considering your content strategy, you should know in what time you post. Depending on when your target audience is most active, try to approach them in that period. Also if your audience is global, see what time is best for them, morning or evening and what is time zone in some area. All of that you can check in Twitter Analytics in your Audience tab.


Hashtag is an optional label that is commonly used in many different social networks. When you put # in front of some important word that you want to emphasize, other people will be able to see it when they search for that topic. When users click on that word or if they search for it, it will show them all tweets considering that word and theme.

It is important that you do not put too many hashtags. That kind of tweet won’t be appealing to followers and it might seem as spam. Put two or three that are really connected to your topic and choose wisely which hashtag to put that will suit your target audience. Also do not put too much hashtags because people might click on them instead of link you posted.


Try to represent your brand as best as you can, see what is popular in other posts on news feed and make interaction with your fans. Be spontaneous and active and followers will respond better towards you.

Considering your field of work, your videos or photos can be of:

  • Products
  • Actions
  • Questions
  • Links
  • Presentation
  • Teasers
  • Tips
  • Online competitions
  • Employees or customers 
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