How to run and promote business on social media

Social media is nowadays something that you must embrace in your marketing strategy and use as much as you can because it offers many opportunities.

Setting up foundation

As internet evolved and progressed so did business and marketing, they had to adapt and put social networks high on top of their marketing strategy. In order to get benefits from social media marketing first you need to have visible and good presence on the internet. Good foundation is to know about your audience, what do you try to promote, who is your target audience and what are your assets. You should also have an email service, active website or blog and place where visitors can find information and subscribe to your newsletters.

Only when you have this foundation you can leverage the right social networks for your audience. You can now create your social media marketing strategy but first decide which social networks you want to target. Try to focus on 3-4 because it can be hard to maintain presence and respond to all followers.

Create social media accounts

To decide which social media to use you first need to ask yourself some questions:

  • What does your audience need? 
  • Where do your audience spend most of their time on-line?
  • Which content to produce, to write, create video and images?
  • How much time can I invest in creating a content in order to be constant and consistent and how much time to commit to be able to achieve good results.

After you answer those questions you should have clear idea in which direction you want to go and options are:


With around 2 billion users there is a huge chance that your audience is active so keep in mind that even if you are not on Facebook, they might be talking about you there.


Network of 467 million users is great place for business and professional networking.


Powerful platform with 317 million active users is great tool to share news, images, videos, content in real time and stay tuned to fast moving world of internet.

Youtube and Vimeo

There are many video tools that can help you in promoting your business and to connect with your clients so you can try with Youtube, Vimeo and live streaming videos.

Instagram and Pinterest

Best tool for visual promotion and attraction of customers.

Post updates and news

You must be consistent with posting updates or your social media marketing strategy will fail, there are many options what and how to post.

  • Market your products by posting discounts and deals 
  • Post upcoming events where your company will be present, give tips and advices and share industry news so that you look like an expert and professional. 
  • Post business updates, share blogs and post articles from your website. 
  • Share surveys, testimonials, historic facts about your company and quotes. 
  • Post photos, videos, slide shows and interviews. 
  • You can also share world news but also don’t forget local and community news, everyday life stories and current events. 
  • Last but not least, try to be funny so that your audience can connect your brand with happy and positive thoughts, but try not to exaggerate.

Find friends and followers

Best practice’s for sharing every social media is to place follow links to your blog or website, to share a link to your profile through other networks and emails, to add your new social profile to your email signature and to fill out your profile.


When we are talking about Twitter first complete your profile, upload profile and cover photo and put your URL and location. Share your twitter link through other social networks to show friends they can find you there too and put follow button on your website or blog to gain more followers. You should also find important and relevant accounts to follow and not only follow those that follow you and use proper #hashtags. Optimize your Tweet This button to include your username and join twitter chat to contribute value to the site.


Considering Facebook you should also fill your profile, about section, pictures, address, URL, phone numbers and email address. Invite your friends to the Facebook page and share your profile through other networks, emails but also to your website. 


For LinkedIn is same as with previous ones and you should fill your profile with picture, about information, project URL where you are involved. Check progress through Profile Strength icon, it should be 100%. Place a Linkedin button on your website and share a link to your profile via other networks and emails. Send original connection requests and don’t reject anyone that adds you and always invite your coworkers and friends to join LinkedIn.


If you use Google+ then you have similar steps, always fill in your profile with important information about yourself, communities, stories, links and contact. Put Google+ follow up button on your site and also share link to your Google+ profile via other social networks and emails. Contribute to a community and use Google+ circles to collect users and for your networks, the more people you follow the more will other people follow you.


Engage audience

As you can see there are similar steps how to get new followers for all social networks but still most important is to be active and keep them interested in your offers.

Create images so that you can promote your posts, use it to bring people to your website for more information, work hard to build relationships so that you can later sell easily.

Post few times a day on Twitter and Facebook but also in the right time of the day when people are more active.

Write blog posts, promote by educating your audience, focus for them where to click, to learn more and get details they need. Make content, share it, educate people and entertain your followers no matter which social media you use.

Great way to engage audience is also through Facebook competitions, they are great way to promote your work and to reward your followers for being loyal and interested in your work.
There are many different ways and options, you can do trivia status question, photo competition and Facebook quiz competitions.

Gain valuable customer insights

Great tools that you can use to see your audience insight are Facebook pixel, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics.

Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel code contains two elements, pixel base code and event code. Pixel base code can track activity on your site and provide you base to measure specific events and you should install it on every page of your website. Facebook event code is action that happens on your website, either as a result of organic reach that is not paid or through Facebook ads that are paid.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you not only to measure selling and conversion but also to get insight how visitors are using your website, how they got there and also how to bring them back. Other tools there are analytics of social networks, content, conversion, advertising and analytics for mobile phones.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is good tool to measure and boost impact you have on Twitter. Explore the interests, locations and demographic of your followers and measure engagement and also learn how to have more successful tweets. With Twitter Cards you can attach videos, media and images into your tweets that will bring people to your website.

Run ads

Giving money for advertising is not just spending, it’s investing so that you can be more visible to people that know about you but also to reach potential new customers and audience.

Facebook ads

With so many daily users of Facebook it is big mistake if you do not use Facebook ads to promote your business, because you can get in touch with right people, in the right time and in a right way. Create campaigns, ad sets and ads to get to your audience.

You can get more information about in SocialSpacers blog post Advertising on Facebook.

Google Adwords

Simple to use platform through which you can control your advertise all in one place. Works only with campaigns, so just put keywords that match your business, set your spending budget and you are ready to go. During entire process you can monitor and evaluate impact of your ad but you can’t control where your ad ranks on the Google searching pages but it is good tool to approach your audience through their interest and from the key words they are using.

Twitter ads

In Twitter you can promote accounts, trends and tweets. Promoted tweets will appear directly in the timelines that you targeted during time that you set. Trending topics are appearing on the left side of the page while trends let you put your story at the top of the list.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn let you advertise in different levels. You can display ads and share the content with audience that you set as a target and you can also deliver sponsored content directly to inboxes of LinkedIn users. Dynamic ads and text ads appear in the right column while sponsored content appear in the LinkedIn timelines of people that you targeted. 

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