What Is Content Marketing?

Educated customer is a happy customer, which on a long run brings more benefit to your business. That is why providing good content, should be a core of your marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing is used less than ever before unlike Email marketing, SEO, BTL and especially content marketing that are in constant rise. More and more companies are turning to content marketing, because it is a better way to provide relevant and useful content to customers and to solve their problem. Most advanced marketers are using content marketing because they know it’s a better way to engage your audience and accomplish your goals.

What is content marketing?

Some of you that did not hear this term before are probably wondering what is content marketing and how can you use it for your own promotion. To put it simple, that is a type of marketing where you create and share your own material. It is an approach focused on relevant and consistent content that attract and retains audience that knows what it wants.

In that content you do not directly promote your own brand or product, but it is intended to attract interest in your services by giving valuable information to your potential customer. Content can be social media posts, videos, blogs and other material that can be informative and educative and that can ultimately drive customers.

Informing your customers

If your posts are only about sales and products, after some time your followers will lose interest. To approach much wider audience you need to offer something different from just selling products. If you post same things constantly, even if they are good after some time people will get bored.

After all, this blog that you are reading now is good example of content marketing, you will read something new and interesting, it will be educative and you might consider to search through other things on our website.

Best content for your customers

There is a crucial difference between information you get from companies that are not useful or important, some call it spam, and important and relevant info. You can stand out of the crowd by creating valuable content that customer will appreciate.

You can also chack video about brief but interesting history of content marketing. 


What is best content for your customers? It all comes to what is your field of work and what your customers can use. It’s like telling a story considering your aim, philosophy and customers.

Some of the content you can create is:


Before, printed content was really important, some of the first contents were printed and delivered.

  • Customer magazine - first content that was delivered to wide audience.
  • Leaflets - if they include important information.
  • Books - you can issue a book about your field in general, like cook book with recipes or how to maintain car.
  • Conferences - banners and business cards that you bring with you and share to other people when you meet

It can be on website or with emails but it includes every aspect of online world.

  • Newsletter - You can collect a base of your previous and future customers and keep them informed through email marketing.
  • Video - if your work is visually oriented, videos can be really good way to promote. Some research shows that audience respond really well on videos either on Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Online magazines - either in PDF form or on your website, online magazines are good and cheaper replacement for printed magazines.
  • Infographics – Information pictures, that is useful for mobile viewers and it’s easy to understand for most of people. Graphs, pies and charts are great tool to present visually work and stats.
  • Blogs - blogs became really popular channel of communication between companies and fans.
  • Forum - Participants can exchange their point of views of your industry, field of work or things in general connected to you.
  • Webinar - online conference that can have much wider audience since it can be attended by people from all over the world.



Many multinational companies are using content marketing, some of them are Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Apple and P&G, but it is also used by numerous small businesses and shops around the globe. This brings them higher revenue and better positioning online.

In average, 29% of all marketing budget is spent on content marketing because it adds value to your company. In eyes of your customers you look more trustworthy, not just like a company that tries to sell something. Content strategy is mandatory part of most marketing strategies.

On long run, content marketing can:

  • Increase sales
  • Be cost saving
  • Bring loyal customer
  • Boost your visibility

Distributing content

After you created your content, next step is to bring it to the people. You need to optimize your content so that potential customers can find it easily. When you distribute your content, you should really use all possible channels, simplest one is to share it on your social networks so that your current fans can see it.

According to your plan of distribution, you should set time when you post things so that your followers know when to expect them. You can also use commercials and ads on social networks to reach new fans and audience. Send your new content through newsletter and emails to your contacts that might be interested in them. You can also use some of traditional marketing channels to spread your content in digital world. Like in most of things, there is not only one single solution, mix of many is best way to reach wide audience.

Content marketing and SEO

This is also connected to previous paragraph about distribution of content. Search engines reward businesses that publish quality, consistent content. Choosing the right keywords is crucial and you can find them using different ways. One of them is to find which words might be important in bringing more traffic, using different tools. Second way is to look online, what people write and talk about, you can check searches and results and compared them to find keywords that repeat. Also keep in mind which area do you want to target, do you want local, national or global level. This can vary a lot and it can change your approach. Keyword can perfectly explain the content that you created and promoted.

Content is the key for driving traffic and leads. Business with website that have news, get in average 6 times more leads than those with few info pages only.


Content marketing is not a new thing, but today it is getting a new form with wide use of internet. Almost 40% of marketers are planning to increase their content marketing investments in next period. More and more companies don’t do content marketing as a campaign, but as a long-term process and their goal is not just selling. Most B2B companies put brand awareness and promotion in front of sales. They aim to approach more potential clients, than just close a deal.

When is best time that you start to create and publish content marketing? It was probably 5, 10 years ago. When is second best time? Now! 

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