Tips For Effective Business Facebook Fan Page

There is no single solution how to promote a Facebook page, best way is to mix all this tips and reach as many fans as possible. Target new fans but don’t forget about old ones.

Facebook became essential in personal life but also in business, during last 10 years as biggest platform for socialization and great place for networking. In business Facebook page can be useful tool for interaction with your clients and customers, but also great way to attract new fans and users.

You do not need to invest a lot of money for promotion of your Facebook page. There are many options that can be effective and useful for small amounts of money or even free.

Facebook page promotion tips

1. Like box on your website - Put this on your blog or site so that people can like your page directly. Always put a face pile option so that visitors can see their friends that already liked your fan page.

2. Targeted keywords in Google AdWords - In order to direct people to your fan page you should use keyword-based ad. If you’ve never used AdWords you should, it can be useful.

3. Customize fan page URL - Vanity URL is an unique web address that can brand you for marketing purposes. You can set your page with customized URL to make your fan page memorable.

4. Send email to your contacts - It is not important how big is your email list with contacts, you can always send them an email to see your new Facebook page. Tell them to check it out and some of them might like or follow you.

5. Insert URL in your email signature - When you send emails its good practice to have signature under text. In it you can put URL of your Facebook page and reach for new, potential clients and followers.

6. Use QR codes - Quick Response codes are common in consumer advertising. Potential customers can use their smartphone as a scanner and they will be redirected to URL for a website or to your Facebook fan page. It is easier to access any website quicker without manually typing.

7. Tag other fan pages - If you know about some successful Facebook pages that are in same field of work as you, you can tag them in your post. Some of their fans might see you and you could get some extra traffic and attention.

8. URL on your business card and presentation - When you are not in online world, this can be simplest way to present your Facebook page to other people. On your business card next to your contacts they will also see your page. When you finish presentation, on your last slide, you can put your Facebook page view and link.

9. Invite all friends - If other things don’t work properly you can always invite your friend that you know are interested in you and your work. It can take a while especially if you have a lot of friends but it can be useful.


10. Activate your current fans
- Before reaching new fans don’t forget to engage your current fans. There are many different ways to do that, simplest way is to be active with posting on your page, don’t let your page become empty with no activity from you and from your fans. Best way is to share your own content and if you can’t do that then publish posts that are related to your customers and business. Be informative and worth following. If you have good relations with fans, you can ask them to post a copy of your link on their status or to write a review.

11. Facebook advertising - People are divided between those who only use Facebook ads and those that aren’t using them at all, who is right? Truth is somewhere in between, most of the times it is recommended to use Facebook ads, properly targeted ads with good content are more than profitable. Using Facebook ads you can reach people that have same interests as you offer trough Facebook page.

12. Connecting with other social networks - Like many other people, we are sure that your business also has pages in other social networks and if it doesn’t have yet, it should. Make sure to connect your Twitter and Google+ accounts to your Facebook page and to put tag and URL towards your page on Youtube videos you produce. Don’t forget to link your business page to your personal Facebook profile as well.

13. Customers and reviews - People in general trust more reviews and user comments than ads and commercials. Make sure to satisfy your customers and to remind them to place review on your fan page, then all of their friends will see about your business page but also others will think that you are more trustworthy. If they approve, take pictures of your customers and tag them, people will look at your business more positive and they will feel empathy. Post pictures of your employees, when you hire someone new, in the time of holidays and in spontaneous moments. That will show that you have good and friendly relations in your firm.

14. Use proper #hashtag - Hashtag was originally invented on Twitter but nowadays almost all social networks are having hashtags on their posts. Hashtag is connecting your posts with certain topic and subject so that other people and users can see even if they are not your followers and fans. They can then participate in conversation with other customers, to leave comments and their opinion or just see your message or ad. Even if your post has great content and even better hashtags, keep in mind to set it for public so that everyone can see it.

15. Blog - If you have a blog, write one post about your page. Readers can learn new and interesting things but also get information about your page and product and how to use it.

16. Facebook competitions - If you want to engage your fans, reward them and give them some benefit for being your fans but also to reach new followers, Facebook competitions are great option. There are many options that you can use them and you don’t even need any special technical skills to make them. You don’t need a lot of money to reach preferred audience. Learn more how to organize competitions and other tips and tricks for creating great Facebook contests

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