Don't do this with your Facebook page

Facebook page can be one of your most important marketing channels. Do not make mistakes, if you want to have all the benefits of social networks.

In business Facebook page is a must and it should be used in order for you to gain new clients and customers but also to maintain connection with previous one.

We already talked before on our blog about things you should do to make your business Facebook fan page more effective. Now we will consider the other side of the medal. Avoid doing this in order to keep previous fans and to gain new one.

What not to do with Facebook page

1. Inactive page - You can’t post sporadically and expect your fans to be active. Best practice is to make a weekly schedule and post at least few times a week. Find right amount of posts compared to your fans but don’t go too far to annoy them. Inactive page is the same as empty shop window in a store. It needs to be interesting and interactive, to attract customers and to keep them interested. If potential customers see that you didn’t posted in a while they might think that you are not working at all.

2. Grammar - When you are writing posts mind the grammar and how you write. If you don’t write properly, it might look less serious and that can reject potential customers. Speak to your fans the same way as you would speak to your customers in real life, because after all they are all either potential or former customers.

3. Being unapproachable - Be there for your followers, reply to their comments, inbox messages and motivate them to be more active. Interaction with your fans can make your business look customer oriented and that always looks good, especially in attracting new followers. Activate responding badge on your page. You can get it if you respond on 90% of your inbox messages in less than 15 minutes. When your fans see that you respond promptly they will be more encouraged to write and ask for more information.

4. Playing safe - Be innovative and do not be afraid to take risk, like capture audience attention with interesting posts. Some of your posts may go viral and that is always best way to promote your Facebook page for free. It maybe sounds like a cliché but really try to think outside of the box, there are millions of pages on Facebook so try to make yours unique. Don’t post same things every time, try different approach with your Facebook page content.

5. Not testing enough - Businesses don’t like to spend money on testing their commercials, but actually that is an investment, because you will know whom and how to target and not to waste money on reaching wrong audience. If you need more information about this you can read them on our blog advertising on Facebook. With posting on Facebook page, feel the pulse of your audience and see how they respond on videos, gifs, pictures, quotes or just information about your offers and business. Test them in different time of the day and also see will number of likes, comments and shares go higher.


6. Only sales oriented - If your posts contain only your sales and offers, that might not be good on long term. Caring for fans shows that your business is good and that can bring benefit to potential followers. Try to be informative and educative, give your fans something more useful for them and they will pay more attention on your page in general. Look for innovativeness in your field of work and present it, look for best practices and different tools that might be good for your clients. Bring them extra value and they will start to connect with you.

7. Posting only your content - It is ok to promote your brand, blog or products, but if you see something interesting on other pages that is in your business branch or connected to you in any way, feel free to share it. When other pages see that you are sharing their content they might do the same with your posts and that can bring benefit for all.

8. Not connecting all your social networks - We are sure that you have profiles on different social networks and if you don’t have yet, you should. Connecting them, can bring followers and fans from one to another and it can be a good source of new clients. Depending from your field of work you might have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+ or Snapchat account. Connect them and create a good social media business synergy. You can read more on our blog if you want to learn how to manage your business on social media.

9. Don’t lie online - Actually don’t lie at all, but especially online. You might get some benefits in short term, but on long run you will lose credibility and trust from your fans and clients. Reviews that you get can permanently damage your brand and people trust more to reviews than ads. Be honest and people will appreciate it. 

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