Tips for writing Facebook contests rules

Facebook contests can help you to promote your page and reward your followers, but always keep an eye for frauds and prize hunters.

Facebook competitions are more and more frequently organized by companies, from small shops and manufactures to big companies and famous brands.

One of the first thing you need is to think through and define Facebook contest rules, since success of Facebook competition depends on good ground rules.

Some of rules are mandatory based on Facebook terms and conditions while others are more flexible and up to you.

Some of the mistakes that you can do when you organize Facebook competitions are inadequate reward, bad advertising, not having a mobile devices available or bad targeted audience.

Maybe even biggest mistake that you can make is that your competition rules are too loose and not clear enough. That can cause disagreements with competitors and people might not like that. Credibility of Facebook competition, organizer and it’s brand must be safe in any moment or case. 


You can use different Facebook competitions considering your business and what does your audience prefers. For those different types of competitions most of the rules are same or similar.

Depending on which competition you decide to run, there will be additional set of rules which you need to define.

Basic rules

Some of the rules are elementary and should be always written.

  • When will your Facebook competition begin
  • How long will it last
  • When will it finish.
  • Exact dates, months, years and times so that everyone knows until when they can participate.

You should mention that:

  • Everyone who is registered and verified on Facebook can participate and
  • You can mention that people under 18 can’t participate if reward is something that is not allowed for minors.
  • Good thing to mention is that people can participate only once
  • If result is tied than organizer can randomly choose winner and if there are some confusion or dilemmas, organizer is the main interpteter.

As you can see most of basic rules are predetermined but you can form them yourself and change according to your needs.

Competition need to end when is set by rules with a clear criteria for winner.

Competition can end sooner if some unforseen circumstances happen in which organizer is not accountable and that he can’t prevent or avoid.

Additional rules

Additional rules are set of rules that focus competition in direction that is best for you and your promotion. This rules are more guidelines about what is competition about and how can competitors win.

Write clearly what is the main prize, what is second and third prize if there are any and also conditions how can they use it.

You can also use some extra advertising on social networks to boost reach.


There are some things that organizer is not responsible for and those things are mostly not expected but they can happen. It is not often that any dysfunction of network service happens, such as operator power failure or any other technical difficulties during time of contest but it can happen and it should be mentioned that organizer is not responsible for it.

If there are any kind of side effects while using or consuming of reward or some implications which might occur because of contest participation, organizer is not responsible for that either.

Most important thing that you must put is that Facebook doesn’t have any connections with that competition and that it is released from liability by contestants or participations. Facebook is not sponsoring, endorsing or is it in any way associated with your competition and that details about competitors go to organizers and not to Facebook.

Details about contestants will be attributed to organizer that he can use only in promotional purpose and administrators won’t give or sell personal details to third parties.

If contestants continue to use application it means that they accept rights and regulations from rules.


If some of the competitors don’t follow the rules you can always disqualify them. Thats why you need to write clearly in the rules that those who don’t follow them will be disqualified. That way they don’t have an option to say that they didn’t know.

  • Mention in the rules that it is forbidden to use fake accounts to participate.
  • Competitors that are disqualified must be notified about reasons if they send question to the Organizer of Facebook competition.
  • Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any contestant at any moment during competition if his or her acts are not in order with basic rules.
  • If contestant does not have enough years to compete, if years were mentioned in basic rules as a condition, Facebook account owner can also be disqualified.


Best way to stop frauds and avoid “prize hunters” is that your reward is connected with your business and not only monetary or some kind of fancy gadget. When reward is connected to your business that will bring you even better promotion and people won’t compete only because of reward. We already wrote about that in our blog about mistakes people do when they create Facebook competitions.

Most frauds happen with fake profiles that are competing for a prize. Some people have multiple accounts and they vote for themselves. There are some forums and groups where people share and post about competitions in which they are participating so people vote for each other. That can bring you fake fans, data about contestants that you can’t use for promotion and disappointed real contestants.

Our previous experience

Facebook frauds and breaking of rules are not often but they happen and organizer should be prepared for it. When it happens and you detect some inappropriate behavior, act immediately and disqualify them. Other real participants will see that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.

Most competitions that are based on click votes or likes can have higher potential for frauds. If you want to prevent that you can set in the rules that it will be voting contest but eventually jury will decide winner. They will consider votes but winner won’t be only based on them. If you choose by random draw that can increase number of participants because they will all think that they have equal chance to win.

Your competitors need to be real and genuine because that is the point of organizing Facebook competition, to bring your brand and company to your targeted audience. Increase your reach by advertising to your typical customers and identify entrants that are fake to increase your reach and relations with real participants. Notify everyone about those activities and about actions you made because then other people that follow the rules will be more loyal and trustworthy. 

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