Tips for successful Facebook competitions

Boost your Facebook competition with this simple tasks and tips. Explore best ways to reach your audience and make them more active.

Facebook competitions can be really useful tool to activate your page but also to engage your fans. There are many opportunities that competitions are offering but only if you are using them in the right way you can benefit. We present you some of the most common mistakes that Facebook competition organizers are making and how to improve competition results.

Intro text

Intro text is first thing that visitors will see and it should be well written so that they are introduced about purpose of competition. You can also use this part to advertise yourself more and to put link towards your web site because after all you are making this competition to promote yourself to connect your business with potential customers. Needless to say that all texts should be grammatically correct and also written simply so that everyone can understand them.

Intro text is not mandatory but it’s a good addition which can benefit your promotion.


Rules should be simple and clear to everyone. Besides some basic rules about using of application and working on Facebook that are obligatory, other rules are custom to any organizer and can be changed and adapted for different client needs.
Basic rules are similar for most competitions and they should contain:

  • Time that competition will last 
  • Who can participate and how 
  • What to do if result is tied etc.
  • Disqualification terms
  • What is reward and how to use it

You should also put what happens if someone does not follow basic rules, liability and what are other terms and conditions should also be clarified.

Competition images

Branding is essential so that competitors are attracted not only to play but also to get more interest about you and your business.

Tab image

Picture that will be displayed on Facebook page, it shouldn’t be too complicated, just simple and effective. Picture should not be larger than 3 megabytes and should be either JPG or PNG format, ideal size is 450px X 300px.

Background image

It will be visible throughout entire competition and it should match your theme and your business or products. Your photo should be JPG or PNG format, not bigger than 3 megabytes and size should be minimum 900px X 810px and maximum 1080px X 1920px.

Cover picture

Another element that will also be visible through entire competition, it should contain your logo or something that has elements of your business. It should also be up to 3 megabytes with minimum 730px X 115px or you can use some of predetermined pictures from our offer.

All pictures should complement each other and create good appearance of your competition.

Custom URL

Once you create a competition there will be displayed URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in general settings. You can use it as a direct way to guide people towards your competition. That is also useful way to share your competition everywhere and to everyone, when you have custom URL you can share it via all social networks and instant messengers or SMS. Good practice is also to put it to your website and basically anywhere you can externally.

Using custom URL competition will be available on mobile devices.

Spread the news


To inform as many people as you can about your new competition it is recommended to use all information channels that are available. Using social networks, especially Facebook pages and profiles, is a must and it is not so complicated. Post and share announcements about competition details like:

  • When does your competition starts
  • When will it end
  • Basic rules and conditions
  • Ask if they want to like your page or to share on their profile
  • Always put direct URL towards competition.

Make a post or a banner on your website using iframe code so that those visitors get informed and to participate in the competition. Iframe code is needed to display a competition within a website.

Increase website traffic

If your aim is to bring traffic to your website best option is to write in your Facebook post or competition intro that participants can find answers on quiz questions on your website. That will attract people to visit your website, to learn more about you and your business and maybe to show them along the way your products or services and to promote yourself. To make it easier for them, always write down link of your website in competition intro or Facebook post.

One question competition

One question facebook competition is made with open answers and participants need to write down their answer so there are many different ways to create good competition.
Some of the ideas you can use it is to:

  • Make competition for best slogan 
  • Literary contest for best poem or song 
  • Predictions for certain events 
  • You can also give a task for a best joke, status or even for best recipe

There are plenty of options that you can benefit from and to engage your fans.

Quiz competition

Facebook Quiz competitions are often made nowadays by different size companies,from small businesses up to the big companies. You can organize them to find useful contacts, to gather visits on your web site, to increase engagement of your fans. You can also use them to boost awareness of your brand, to increase Facebook likes on your Facebook page and most importantly to promote your business and work. Good examples for quiz competition can be:

  • Asking questions about your business with answers on your web site 
  • Sport questions if your target customers are men 
  • Historic questions about your country if it’s close to national holiday 
  • Geographical questions if you are in tourist department 

No matter in which field of business are you in there are many ideas how to use Quiz competition and reward your fans.

Photo contest

If your business has something to do with visual means or creativity you can always make Facebook photo contest. They are useful because participants are motivated by prize and to engage their friends and family to vote for them so you get more audience, awareness and visibility. You can use photo contest:

  • For the best outfit if you are in fashion business 
  • Best handmade items 
  • Pet competition 
  • For Christmas and other holidays 
  • Nature and landscapes

Even if your business is not visually oriented you can use some of the holidays or special days as a theme and then award winner with some of your products or services

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