Mistakes with Facebook competitions

With tips what not to do in Facebook competition, you won’t have a problem to organize great competitions, which will engage your fans and boost your online business.

There are a lot of Facebook pages who made different kinds of competitions, mostly on timeline trough comments and we are sure that you probably saw or participated in some of them. Many companies organized Facebook competitions and since it worked for them, nothing is stopping you to create your own competition. Some of them are good, some of them not so much. We already wrote about things you should do to have successful competitions but what about vice versa?

There are no special rules to organize competition but from previous experience we picked some of the things you probably shouldn’t do.

Inadequate reward

Different kinds of companies organized wide variety of Facebook competitions. Of course it means that rewards were different as well. Giving reward that is too general it is not the best choice. Especially if your reward is monetary, in cash, that will attract people who will only compete to get that reward, that are not your potential customers or clients.

Also if your reward is mobile phone, Ipad or television that will also attract mostly people who will compete to get reward. Yes you will get some extra audience but not the one that your business wants.

So what kind of reward should it be? Best reward is the one that reflects your business and your audience. If you are making or selling some products or services, your reward should be that product or service. This way potential clients will relate that competition with you and you will get some extra promotion.

Another way is to give voucher with some value that winner can spend in your shop. Competitors will have more motivation, they will check what you offer and visit your shop, spending time looking through your products.

Targeting audience

Like we mentioned above, different reward will attract different type of audience. Your audience should already be decided, because you should know who your customers are and what will engaged them to participate in your competition. Considering your target audience you should decide how your competition will look like. Have your typical customer in mind and their behavior. Also when you use additional advertising to promote your competition, make sure to set right audience. In most of social networks when you create campaign you can choose gender, age and interests of audience you want to reach. Choose smart and you can get much bigger audience and increased online revenue.

Bad advertising

It’s essential to know who is your target audience and clients and how to reach them. Don’t bark at the wrong tree. Mass marketing can be good to a certain extent but you will spend too much resource and it is not sure will you get people that you need. If you are making Facebook ads, you can learn more about it on our blog post about Advertising on Facebook.

Bring people directly to your competition with custom smart URLs so they get direct access to it. Even worst thing than bad advertising is no advertising, if your competition is the best ever, it is pointless if people do not know about it.


Type of competition

There are different types of competitions so you should choose what works best for your audience and fans. Be careful not to choose the one that is not connected with your business. Allow people to express themselves and reward them for that. Most common types of Facebook competitions are:

Facebook Photo contest

If your business is visually oriented the best way is to organize a photo contest where people will be able to show creativity. This photo contests are useful, because participants are motivated by prize and they will engage their family and friends to vote for them, which means more audience and better visibility.

Facebook Quiz competition

You can organize Facebook quiz competitions and get many different user results. Your aim can be to get more contacts, to gather traffic on your web site or to increase engagement of your existing fans. Boost awareness about your brand and make interesting questions that can be used to promote your business and your work.

Facebook One question competition

If you want to use all the benefits from short, but effective competitions then one question competition is perfect for you. It has open answers so you can use your imagination and make any task that participants need to do. Since they need to write down their answer you have plenty of options to create unique competition, like slogan, experience or poem.

Focus on result

Before you start competition, you should know in advance which final results you expect to get. If your focus is to wide, you will probably fail. You should limit on one or two of the main goals that you want to accomplish. This way you know in which direction you want your competition to go and it will be easier to monitor results with your plans.

Some of the results you can have are to:

  • Promote your page and get more likes
  • Send people to your website and increase conversions
  • Increase brand awareness and promote a product catalog
  • Raise attendance at your event

Responsive design

More than ever before, people today use mobile devices. And number of them is increasing every day. People got used to looking at their smart phones, when they are going to work, shopping, before they go to sleep and after they get up or when they walk down the street. When you consider all of that there is no need to mention how responsive design is important. It even happened that some big companies made branded Facebook competitions that were not responsive and that was a big problem. If you choose third party application for organizing your Facebook competition make sure that they are mobile ready so that you reach as much people as you can. 

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