How to create quiz competition on Facebook

Organizing quiz competitions, with SocialSpacers platform, you will boost your visibility, engage fans, promote your business, products and services.

Facebook quiz competitions are great way to promote your work, and following this instructions you will easily understand simple process of creating Facebook competitions using SocialSpacers platform. Competitions can be done in only few steps without any technical skills.

Registration and connecting with social networks


For beginning you need to register your profile on SocialSpacers platform and with it you can adjust and follow everything linked to quiz competition. Registration is short and simple, all that you need is user name, e-mail, password to access profile and optional name of company or organization that you represent.

Adding Facebook profile and pages

After registration you will access dashboard through which you have information about accounts, competitors and other reports. 


Below this information you have option to connect SocialSpacers account with your Twitter or Facebook profile. When you click on ''Add account'' new window will open where you need to approve connection of your Facebook profile. After you successfully connect Facebook account, with click on ’’Add page’’ you get a list of your Facebook pages and you can choose which you want to use for organizing competitions.

Process of creating competition

Setting goals and defining theme of contest 

Some of the goals can be to increase Facebook likes, to boost awareness of your brand, finding useful contacts, gathering visits on your web site or to increase engagement of fans . Theme and gift should match target group of your market and needs of your users so that you can motivate them to participate.

Clearly defined goals will help you to follow results and through reports compare them with planned.

Creating competition 

After defining target group and goals, you need to choose which type of contest you want to organize, one question contest, photo contest or personalized quiz.

When you click in navigation button ’’Competitions“ and then on ’’Quiz’’ you open page with list of your previous quizzes that you organized and option to create a new one. When you click on ’’Create new competition’’ button, form  for creating a quiz will appear with option to choose name, type and which Facebook page you want to use to organize it.

You also need to set time zone and language which you would like to use. Defining beginning and end date you define a time frame in which you want to run competition.


After successful creation of competition, you will be redirected on competition page where you access details of competition settings.


As for quiz appearance you can set cover, background and basic picture of competition.

  • When you click on basic picture on your left side, you choose which picture will appear in Facebook page apps a section. Picture should not be larger than 3 megabytes and should be either JPG or PNG format, ideal size is 500px x 300px. 
  • Background picture can be one from our offer with art, sport, food or miscellaneous categories or you can upload one of your photos with option ’’Upload image’’. Your photo should be JPG or PNG format, not bigger than 3 megabytes and size should be 900px x 810px.
  • Cover photo should be 730px x 115px, also up to 3 megabytes or you can use some of predetermined pictures from our offer.
Introduction text and rules 

Section ’’Text’’ offers you option to add intro text and competition rules.

To enter introduction text you need to click on a blue square icon with white pen right from it and then new window opens where you type your text with different options for formatting and structuring text.

Competition rules are entered on a same way as intro text. Try to make them as clearly as possible for all.

Both texts will appear within competition on log in page for competitors and before quiz starts.

Preview competition 

On competition page, in upper right angle you have option to preview your quiz. There you can see competitor view and how quiz will be displayed to them, how it works and do you need to make some changes. With preview you can see how pictures look like compared to text and entire quiz.


Defining questions and answers 

You should define questions and answers for quiz based on your theme of competition.

Questions are added with click on ’’Add new question’’ under section for pictures and text on your left side. After you click on it special form will open for text input. You choose type of question, with one correct answer (Radio) or with more correct answers (Checkbox) and under that you enter how many points correct answer is worth and time in seconds that fans have to answer. Under that there is a option to write description of question and then you can save it with a click on ’’Save’’.


When you click on ’’Add answer’’ within question, you add answers, correct or incorrect where at least one needs to be correct. You can adjust in which order will answers appear and also entire questions with simple drag and drop. In every moment you can change text, description, answers and everything else with a click on ’’Edit’’ button on your right side of it or delete it with click on ’’Delete’’ icon. You can add 15 questions maximum per quiz while number of possible answers is limited to 10 per question.

Installing tab on your Facebook page 

Before installation, check to see did you finished everything properly using manual and steps from upper right side of web page in competition guide. If everything is done properly, next step is installing tab on your Facebook page with click on ’’Install tab’’ button, in customization section. After successfully installation you will see message ’’Congratulation you successfully installed tab’’. In case you change something you can always click to update tab and your changes will be saved and updated on Facebook as well.

Display of competition on Facebook after installation 

Quiz on your Facebook page will show on left side in navigation. Competitors can participate only with their Facebook account. Quiz starts and ends automatically in time frame that you selected. Before official start of competition front page will say ’’Starts soon’’ and after quiz is finished there will be score board with players and results. Competitors can participate only once and if they try again it will just show them score board and their result. 

Advertising and promotion 

For advertising and promotion of competition use all channels of marketing but three most important ones are:

No matter how good quiz you make, it does not mean automatically that it will be successful if people do not know about it. 

In posts on your social networks, you can place links towards your web site where participants can find additional information and prepare for quiz and questions. With that you increase number of visits to your web site and also they have a chance to learn about your work and products that you offer.

Monitoring of reports and results 

Reports and results 

When you click on ’’Reports’’ in navigation and after on ’’Competitions’’ there will be list of all your competitions. Under the list you have option ’’Export data’’ and there you choose whether to get all data or for individual contest and in which format. You can extract data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) or in XLS Excel file.


With other report ’’Players’’ you can see in details process of competition, number of players, name, e-mail, list of answers, correct and incorrect. In case you notice that any competitor does not follow competition rules you can disqualify him.

All reports and also application itself is available through smart phones, tablet or computers.

Declaration of winner and awards 

Declaration of winner and posting of final results is official closing of quiz. Winner is selected by known in advance rules which are stated in beginning. Giving awards can also be used for additional promotion. 


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