Introduction to Successful Email Marketing

Easily and effectively build an email list using email marketing beginners guide. With over 144 billion emails sent every day, email marketing is one of the best channels for business communication.

Email allows companies to effectively and efficiently spread information about their services and products and to get to existing customers but also to find new potential ones. Instead of sending one email to one person, email marketing is sending one message to many people. Before you start to send you need permission so your subscribers need to opt in to your newsletter. Because most of people are online all the time, reaching them with email seems to be best option, that is why they can be contacted everywhere, in their work, outside or in their home.

Marketing plan

It is really important to have a marketing plan, it is not so complicated as it seams and it is also useful to track results. In the beginning you need to define your audience because it will be easier to decide what to say and how to approach them. Think about your target audience, how to find them and what can they expect to read in your emails. Next step is to determine your content or what do you send in emails, keep in mind that people like to buy but they do not like when you are selling to them. Consider why did your audience signed up for your emails and try to deliver that to them, if you sell goods they will probably be interested for new products, offers and sales. Try to reward them for caring about what you do by letting them know about your up to or getting some benefits as subscribers.

Customer base

To get users in your email database they need to sign up,so try to make it short and simple, just email address and name, if it is too long they might quit. There are different ways to collect emails for your database:

Pop up form

Pop-up window is a window that appears suddenly when you click on something, press function key or automatically created to open when you open page, and it is open until you select one of the commands from window. Make sing up form clear and visible on page to catch user attention.

Competitions and giveaways

To motivate people it is always good idea to have some prize, user will feel that they get benefits straight away and it makes a good, strong impression. In that manner positive and effective way to get customers is organizing giveaways and contests. People are competitive if they are engaged and especially if there is a gift at the end.

Best benefit from organizing Facebook competitions are emails that you gather from competitors.

Social media

It is easy to take advantage of Snapchat and Instagram but also do not forget about Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can add Facebook tab for online application form, use Twitter Cards so that you can collect email addresses directly without user leaving the Twitter and also post about your newsletter on Pinterest.

Is a good idea to add “Like” button at the top of email which leads to your Facebook page and also a share button to gain even more attention from potential subscribers.


If you had good posts before you can put it in your web site archive so that people see what they get if they subscribe to you.

Also in cooperation with other web pages try ot place your sign-up form on their website.

Getting emails offline

Attend or exhibit or networking event and bring a tablet or mobile device with you, open a newsletter sign up page and ask each person you talk with to sign up.

Email types

Plain text email

Plain text emails have only basic formatting such as bolded, italicized, or underlined text, different header and font styles/sizes, colors, images, hyperlinked anchor text, so no information can get lost if email is opened and viewed on different devices.

Do not ignore plain text because some devices and browsers can not handle HTML.

HTML email

With HyperText Markup Language email you can format and make text, images and content more visual and beautiful if clients device can manage it.

But you can not just attach HTML file with other images and text and click send, it often happens that everything breaks and does not look good, you also can not just paste your code in your email application.

Some spam filters might discard your email if there is only HTML version without plain text version and plain text is also safer for transactional messages so best way is to have both versions.

When you create HTML try to put important information outside images because it can happen that images do not open even if HTML is supported.

Do not use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and test emails with different clients and devices so you see for yourself how it works. Also do not just copy text from Word and send it, you might have some formatting issues and always put link to the web version if you are unable to create web-based version.

Email content

People usually do not open an email if they do not think that they have some benefit from it, be sure that your subscribers get something that they do not have already and not just about company. Make your content specific and not too long, if you want to share more add link towards it. Show some personality and passion, try to write them the same way as you would speak to your customer because in the end, they already were one or they might became one.

Software and tools

To use email marketing nowadays people mostly use web-based programs, some of the most known are MailChimp, Get Response, Aweber and others. When you choose provider try to find some that are not suspicious because if you use them, most of the mails will end up in spam box in your customer inbox.

Gmail and Yahoo do not put emails sent via MailChimp in spam, so you pay for their good reputation and you are sure that users will get your message. Also you can use some for free if you do not have a lot of mails to send and less than 2.000 emails in your database so another expense less.

Best practices 

There are many good examples of email marketing online like the one from TheSkimm, Uber, BuzzFeed, Dropbox, Postmates and others. Most of them have things in common, they have personalized emails even without using recipients name, that is how they make relationship and trust. They have some free content and also make email suitable for phone reading since almost half of all emails are opened in phones.

Some send emails on weekends and evening since there are not many emails sent then so there is bigger chance they will be opened. 

Be smart with sending frequency, if you send a lot of stuff often people might get bored and unsubscribe or if you do not write at all for few months they might forget about you, ideal is at least once a month. 

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